Programs & Utilities

If you have Creature Object Instaler or COE, please email it to me.




Author Size Version
bobcob.jpg (1999 bytes) BobCob For creating cobs, and editing sprites easily BoBWarE 37 Kb  1.30
borg.jpg (2151 bytes) BORG Cheat engine for Creatures. Aallows for multiple instances of the game to run, injections of any chemical, exporting the grendel, creature scan and also does a few other things. Alexander
139 Kb 1.01
cgm.jpg (1818 bytes) Creatures Genetic Manipulator Creates norns or eggs by either crossing two genomes
or cloning. But does not produce mutations.
178 kb 0.1
coe.jpg (2910 bytes) Creatures Object Editor
A more advanced program related to BORG, though does not
have the various injectors
 643 Kb 1.5

Creatures Life Saver Apparently this program is for backing up files in case the game, or your computer crashes whilst playing. Stefan
? 0.2


(Creatures Object Installer)
A program for installing and removing Creature Objects ? 3.14
cygnus.jpg (2240 bytes) Cygnus A highly useful hex editor, useful for editing GEN, SFC
or EXP files. Especially SFc as no programs have been created for this specific task.
SoftCircuits Programming  285 kb 1.0
FMC.jpg (2443 bytes) ChemMonitor Allows you to examine the chemicals in a target
norn's bloodstream, also allows you to inject any
amount of any chemical.


11kb 1.4
FMC.jpg (2443 bytes) Digital DNA Analyser Analyse and compare norns DNA and look
for mutations
42 Kb 1.2
credit.jpg (2179 bytes) Creatures Editor Allows you to alter genomes, sprites & many other
aspects of the game. Includes the vcl30.dpl file it requires
to run.
 945 Kb 3.2
firefox.jpg (2209 bytes) Firefox An amazingly stable and elegant program for surfing the net. Mozilla 23.1 Mb 3.0.1
prog.jpg (1231 bytes) GenCompare Compares any two GEN files, showing all differences
except deletions.
 9 Kb 1.01
prog.jpg (1231 bytes)

Norn Pose

Makes images of norns in any pose from their image files. 17 Kb 2.02 
gen_edit.jpg (3311 bytes) Genome Editor CJ An excellent program for creating or editing .gen fils for C1 or C2. CJ 69Kb 1.2
nornhist.jpg (2240 bytes) Norn History Shows norn's genealogy, it can also create eggs
from any registered norns
82 Kb 1.1
paintshoppro.jpg (2282 bytes) Paint Shop Pro An excellent program for editing images, for breeds, cobs, screen grabs or websites. Also good for non-Creatures related images, i guess. Older versions are just as good, I've been using 9 for ages. X2 1.5 Gkb ?
winzip.jpg (1798 bytes) Required Files VBRUN300.DLL and CMDIALOG.VBX required to run such
programs as Nornpose and GenCompare
? 234 kb ?
spriteman.jpg (2507 bytes) Sprite Builder Views and converts image files
(.SPR .S16 and C.16) from all Creatures games
Cyberlife 605 Kb  1.44
winzip.jpg (1798 bytes) Winzip Essential program for openeing .zip files. Winzip 13.3 Mb 11.2
prog.jpg (1231 bytes) Wolfling Control Monitor Scan for health of all creatures. Inseminate females or create
norns. Also allows for automatic naming, export
and import


803 kb 1.4.1