I am so amused by my friends sometimes that I felt a need to put quotes of things they say onto my page. There isnt much here now, but I'll have more eventually. New ones added or remembered are towards the bottom.

Kristen: I have to get up at the buttcrack of morning.

Sean: I think. That could just be a stray thought from my tumor. it does things from time to time. I even named it! I call him mr. pip

Christine messing up lyrics: my name is flop, i do the flinstone...flop...
Kristen: okay FLOP!

Christine: yeah my bra has pockets in it. You can stick stuff in them, like money... or condoms... or.... frosted flakes...

Cory: bubby pants make me dance i want to be the king of france. and with that said, ill make you dead. ill throw some bologna at your head. until you fart, and fall apart. then ill eat your fucking heart. thats rhymes for anybody ok now!

Randy: Oh my god, we're in Michigan! My life dream has been to go to Michigan.
(After passing a wendy's sign) Oh wait, my life dream has been to go to a wendy's in Mchigan.

Larissa: (when asked about why she doesnt drink) I dont find it very natural to consume something thats flammable.

Chris: Dont eat that! those are my memories!
Christine: Mmmmmmm memories.

Christine: ...and we dicked around, and had some fun.
Kristen: i love your adjectives because i know exactly what they mean. dicking around is like doing nothing and having fun is like really dicking around.

Chris: I'm going to be so buisy this week.
Christine: im sorry. but I still love you.
Chris: hahaha and thats supposed to make everything better?
Christine: yes, yes it will.
(impersonating two people)"oh man, i think i failed my test."
"its okay, i still love you"
"well... that makes it better."
perfect example.

Joe, talking to Chris Jones: heh your way of thought is an OS and you can reformat without working at it. Im runnning windows 2000 pro on my brain... so it blue screens alot.

Christine: I gotta pee.
Kristen: I'm sorry.

Josh: ugh Java makes me want to drink. Its the programming equivalent of duckspeak.

Christine: I was thinking of....installing it -
Joe: You were going to say "putting it in", werent you.
Christine: yeah, i wanted to put it in.
(later) Christine: (asking about putting a cd into his laptop) Josh? how do you put it in? I dont have a penis so I dont know.

Christine: I need to get some more RAM.
Kristen: Those dont sit in the car very well. And they attract trolls from the mountains. Aren't they those things with horns that are curly cues? I think so.
Christine: Yes. That's the exact kind of RAM I need.
(pause)What are you doing tomorrow?
kristen: Probably nothing, why?
Christine: Want to go to the mountains with me so I can get some RAM?
Kristen: sure, but we need to take your moms car because they wont fit in yours.

Kristen: I figured out why men are from mars. It's because its cold there. And they like cold.

Christine: I remember when carey and I first started to be friends, and I was over her house one time. So she went into the bathroom and she started singing "me and my squirrely, getting all ready to pee."
Kristen: hahahaha, where did that come from?
Christine: Well I had to pee, and you were talking about hamsters, and then I started to think about other rodents, and it eventually came to that.
Kristen: You..... are one in a million.

Christine: I found out I have a dvi port in the back of the puter
Josh: mmm nice =)
Christine: so converter + monitor my moms going to buy me = two monitors for satan
Josh: hehehehe... twice the souls!

Chad: I'm suprised you like them, considering you're the punk girl of the dorm.
Christine: Honey, you have no idea the variety of things I listen to. I listen to Enya sometimes.
Chad: You listen to Enya? whoa, you're like......gonna go to heaven or something.

Christine: My necklace wont come undone. Damn!
(fiddles with it for a minute and gets it undone) Yes! I win!
Marie: Haha. Christine, 1. Necklace, 0.

Kristen: R's look like H's with hats on.

Josh: ...and you're pretty bright so you would do fine.
Christine: heh, I'm shiny!
oh. (pause) Why do I say these things?

Danielle: (after hearing that theres an anal G-spot) So wait, that means people were MADE to have butt-sex?
Christine: I bet god just put it there as a kind of "hidden prize" for the people who find it.

Sarah: i hat you
Sarah: not hate
Sarah: hat
Sarah: like, I wear you on my head

Joe: "Drink yo drugs, stay in milk, dont do school."

Cory: shower rhymes with hour, so if it takes u an hour to shower youll get kinda pruney, and pruney rhymes with like goonie, which means that your really goofy so youll have a hard time in school, and you'll fail a lot then you'll be homeless cuz u cant get a job and that'd just suck

Sarah: I can't stand whats going on in my head right now.
Christine: Me either. Only in my head, of course.
Sarah: It's like bleeding out of my ears. How would you fix that?
Christine: Q-tip?

Cory: ill write it for u real quick
Cory: check it out
Cory: one day some stuff happened
Cory: i will tell u about taht stuff in thsi paper
Satan: lol
Cory: this stuff was important and a lot of it happened
Cory: then some more stuff happened later
Cory: in conclusion
Cory: we all do stuff and know stuff that happens
Cory: but is that stuff really the stuff that matters?

Me: i want sex so bad but im sick so no one wants to come near me lol
Him: : \
Him: i never said this but
Him: i'd bang the sniffle outta ya.

S: Mommy gave me cigarattes!
R: I think mommy is trying to kill us.

Germon's away message: When you want to trap a Joshie, you must remember that they are part grues and that they can be very very angry, especially in pitch black areas. So, you need to lay out a plate of cookies and start cooking bacon. The bacon smell will attract the Joshie into seeing the cookies which we all know, he cannot resist. Once he is occupied with the cookies, throw a fifty pound rope net over him. It is important to play with the joshie because failure to do so will result in him eating you once he gets out.

Morgan to Sarah: FINE! I'll eat your FUCKING meat!

Sarah: I'll be over in a minute, but I have to pee first.
Christine: Boo. Why dont you just pee by my door?
hysterical laughter coming from sarah
Christine: SHUT UP! I meant pee in the bathroom thats near my door!

Sarah: im looking at your site for the first time and i got reeeeeeally distracted
Christine: wait
Christine: how was it your first time?
Sarah: i mean
Christine: NOPE!
Sarah: but your site is sooo good, its like the first time everytime
Christine: YOU'RE A BAD LIAR
Christine: ILL KILL YOU!
Sarah: and i love to look at all the words
Sarah: and those flames in the front page
Sarah: and i have to check it every morning so i know how the weather in hell is so i can dress appropriately
Sarah: detached eyeballs means goloshes
Christine: if you checked it everyday you would notice that THE WEATHER IN HELL IS ALWAYS THE SAME
Sarah: really
Sarah: i thought that eyeballs were common in hell
Sarah: you know
Sarah: like cigarettes

On AIM yet again:
Sarah: i'll tell the world

Kanada: aww
Kanada: I think he likes you
Satan: hehe
Satan: I know I think so too =)
Kanada: I wish people offered me free stuff!
Satan: lol
Satan: yeah all I had was some gum so I gave him half my gumball
Kanada: hehe
Kanada: that's cute
Kanada: you should have made him get it out of your mouth
Kanada: then you'll know if he likes you or not!

Fry: boo
Flop: what
Flop: oh
Flop: i mean

Idiot: lol u are such a guy.
Christine: ha i guess
Idiot: i wanna fuck you.
Christine: thats pretty weird to say after you just called me a guy.

Fry: there are a few occasions where i dont mind my ass vibrating... this is not one of them.. its a bad reason
Satan: hahaha
Fry: im seriious
Fry: with two i's

Jameson's away message:
i was eating a chicken sandwich. I thought about how vegans feel about eating meat. For a second I thought "well, maybe meat is bad." So I took the next bite and imagined the the pain and suffering of the chicken as if it were still alive while I bit into its flesh. It still tasted great. So I thought about the blood rushing from the wounds of the helpless animal, and I realized I forgot the hot sauce.

Friend: if i were single i would totaly hit on you till you filled a restaining order

On AIM, while discussing if we were in Greg Graffins class at UCLA:
Christine: I'd probably wet myself if I could see him every day.
Christine: What about you?
Chris: i would wear a bad religion shirt and be creepy.