My COB Project

I've accumilated a huge number of objects and creature sprites and other things over the past couple years. After working on a couple COBs, I came to realize that there were some objects that didnt have some of their script numbers posted either in the readme or up for the rest of the community, or some of the installation scripts that were posted, were wrong.

For example, one object, the chili plant, has event scripts 2 4 68 1, 2 4 68 9, and 2 4 68 17. But it installs the chili plant as 2 4 90.

This is pretty significant. If the herb is installed as 2 4 90, it basically doesnt do anything outside of the installation script because it wasnt given any other scripts (event or otherwise) to make it do something. Also, if someone defines some event scripts for 2 4 90, you may have a weird acting chili.
SO I decided to go through all the COB's I own and check the installation script numbers to see if they match the event scripts.

I've organized each object based on the installation script number it has, and marked those that have different event scripts in the file. I've also written down chemical effects of any objects that have them, and have placed a photo image so you know what the object looks like.

After this project I hope to fix many problematic COB's so they work correctly. I have already fixed some minor problems in some COB's, which are posted with their respective installation numbers. I'd also like to fix some objects so their script numbers are in the proper genus. I was also thinking about making some nicer sprites for some objects because they dont fit well into the realistic Albia.

An even greater accomplishment (And probably impossible unless I had help) would be to change some of the script numbers so you can have every object in your world without scripts conflicting.

I dont really mind doing this at all, but most people would find it taxing because there are like 5 ZILLION COBs out there. Of course, most of them dont need to be fixed in any way, theres only a few that conflict with each other or have misplaced scripts.

Later I hope to add the zip files of the objects, unless some of the objects say I need the owners permission. This could take a while. In the mean time, if you need COB's, Try here, here, and here.

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