Things I have learned while doing this COB project:

1. Tons of people cheat! Copying scripts is the way to go for some, I suppose. Something I learned in programming class, however, is cheating doesnt always work for people. Not that I did or anything, but someone copied my scripts which made me REALLY MAD.

2. Cheating on scripts leads to MANY AN ERROR. You can end up screwing up other objects just because you forgot to change the event scripts to the number you chose for your object. OR you can create an object that looks ridiculous when it enters the world because you didnt check the animation.

3. Lots of people dont test their objects after they're finished with them. I thought that was always the first thing you did after you were done writing it? It's NEVER perfect the first time you write it!

4. MSpaint is NOT the best tool to use to make images for your objects! Some objects look alright, but others look slightly ridiculous in the realistic Albia.

5. How come so many people DONT put their name or a readme with their object?

6. Some programmers are better at code syntax than spellng or grammar in english =p

7. Norns, Grendels, Ettins, and Shee dont need more than 255 moles of any chemical. I dont really care if its "good" for them, its completely unneccesary.

8. I have a lot more patience than I previously believed.

9. There are WAY more objects than anyone really anticipated. It's awesome how many people contributed, and were willing to share!

10. I cant believe I went through all those scripts.