Okay, so once upon a time there was a norn named Billy.
he was a cute lil norn. he loved adventure.
One day, Billy and the hand, or Mommy as she would rather be
called, were traveling around the Shee temple.
Alas! they found something!

behind one of the statues was a piece of paper, speaking of the
fabled Kumquat land.

away to the ends of the world is a place
a land with the most beautiful fruit,
the food will give you a smile on your face
and make you feel like you're in a well made suit.

go through the jungle, and down to the sea,
across the swirling ocean,
down through the caves of the island you'll be,
down here you'll need no sun-lotion.

light will appear if you keep going on,
in the ocean in a tunnel of glass,
follow it now my little fawn,
you wont have to worry your...butt.

you will find the land, just keep going...

And the rest of the paper was torn. Billy started to
head toward the jungle. Mommy followed after him.
They went on through the jungle and braved little danger.

They went on across the sea...

And they went to the island. After fiddling with
the elevators, they found a cave under the island.
Since there was some good food they decided to sit
and take a nap after a good meal. there was a kumquat
that they could snack on, which they took as a clue
that they were getting closer.

soon they went through the glass tunnel and
they found another one of the fabled kumquat fruits!
But it was just one. So it was a clue.
They had to figure out where to go from there
because the riddle had ended right there.

The pair went up the elevator and there was
another kumquat. They must be getting closer!

They went up the elevator more, and what now?

YAY! They made it! it was the fabled kumquat land!
There was also the vendor that kept the kumquats
high in supply! YAY!

Alas, they lived happily and healthily ever after.

Authors note:
Yes, i know this didnt have all the elements of plot. but its just a cheezy fun story for me...And a few other people. I hope you liked it even though there were no dangerous parts!
XOXO Christine Shara